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Our Specialties

Wound Care

Wound Care
PMRLI treats wounds resulting from acute injury, postsurgical issues, bed sores, diabetic and vascular disease, and radiation.
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Limb Loss Rehab

Limb Loss Rehab
We provide patients with the information, resources, and support needed to recover and adapt to life after amputation of a limb. Working with the highest quality prosthetic groups, we ensure every patient has the right equipment for their unique needs.
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Stroke Rehab

Stroke Rehab
Stroke recovery can be a long and arduous, but the right rehab team can help ease your road to restoration. Our experienced team can help you rebuild strength.
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Physical & Occupational therapy involves trained therapists, patients, healthcare professionals, families, and caregivers collaborating to assess movement potential, diagnose, and set goals.
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Mobility Matters

Our care philosophy is to pursue higher states of health and function through partnership with patients, empowering them through comprehensive health education. Understanding your medical condition is the first step in managing it. Setting health goals is the first step towards achieving them.

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way. 

Our Therapy Services

Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Prosthetic therapy involves the use of artificial limbs to help individuals regain mobility after the loss of a limb from amputation or congenital limb deficiencies.
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Occupational therapy aims to assess and treat individuals with physical, mental, or cognitive disorders to enhance, regain, or sustain their daily living and work skills.
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Physical therapy involves therapists, patients, and healthcare professionals collaborating to assess movement potential, diagnose injuries, and set goals for recovery.
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Setting health goals is the first step towards bringing quality back to life.

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See What Our Patients Have To Say

“Dr. Rai is a caring and understanding doctor. He makes you feel comfortable asking questions. I look forward to having him as one of doctors. Is office staff is also superfriendly and make you feel very welcomed highly recommend him.”


– Joseph C.

“He is compassionate to my situation. He has been extremely helpful in my recovery! A+++ Office staff are very helpful and friendly! Have recommended him to many of friends that are dealing with pain.”


– Sue J.

“Excellent service. I received a thorough evaluation and was pleasantly surprised that Medicare agreed with their recommendation for a microprocessor prosthesis.”


– Bruce E.

“Dr. Rai was like Heaven sent and I am so grateful that my grandmother was referred to him. Immediately, we entered the office we were greeted with the most friendly and professional staff. Dr. Rai is Incredible !! He made my grandmother feel comfortable and was very empathetic. I feel like my grandmother is receiving the best care. By far the best doctor ! During the initial visit Dr. Rai took his time with her and was very professional and knowledgeable.”


– Catalina

“Having been in and out of physical For 20 years I find Physical Medical and Rehabilitation of Long Island to be the most qualified and considerate group of all!”


– Keith S.

“I’m very pleased with my experience of PMRLI, well coordinated staff that pay attention to detail and truly listen to my concerns.”


– Joe L.

“My husband sees Moshe and Dr. Ashraf because he is an amputee. He is doing okay and appreciates the time that they spend with him regarding his care. He sees Dr. Ashraf via video because her office is in Long Island but Moshe comes to our home and that is great. My husband receives personal care that way.”


– Andrea B.

“Great experience, good workout, fantastic personal. Warm and friendly environment. Exceptional knowledge and professional employees.”


– Bernadette R.

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