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    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

    At Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island, our staff offers assistance to those living with multiple sclerosis. As one of our multiple sclerosis doctors on Long Island, Dr. Rai is well versed in this condition and the rehabilitation methods that can be used to manage any developmental issues. As an expert in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, you can trust that you’re in good hands with him and his staff.   


    What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

    Multiple sclerosis occurs when your immune system begins to attack the fatty material that protects your nerves. This process begins to subject your nerves to damage. When nerves become damaged, the brain can no longer send messages to and from them, which leads to an array of issues. Symptoms that occur as a result of multiple sclerosis may include the following:


    • Muscle spasms or weakness.
    • Problems with walking.
    • Cognitive issues.
    • Poor bladder or bowel control.
    • Constant fatigue.


    Causes Of Multiple Sclerosis

    At the time of this writing, the exact cause of this condition remains unknown.  However, our multiple sclerosis doctors on Long Island believe that there are a few factors that increase the likelihood of this condition developing. Certain people are born with a genetic predisposition to this condition. Exposure to the Epstein-Barr virus or human herpesvirus 6 may also increase the likelihood of it developing. 


    Treatment With Our Multiple Sclerosis Doctors On Long Island 

    Unfortunately, there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis at this time. However, there are ways to manage this condition. Dr. Rai and his team are multiple sclerosis doctors on Long Island that will come up with a comprehensive plan that will allow for this management to take place. Depending upon your specific condition, the plan may include some of the following:

    • Medicinal Treatment: Numerous medications can be prescribed to help manage multiple sclerosis. These medications can range from relaxing your muscles to limiting the erosion of your nerve function. 


    • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy uses physical-based activities to help you regain strength, increase flexibility, and improve your range of motion. This can be used to help combat muscular issues multiple sclerosis can bring about.


    • Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy focuses on helping patients adapt to their new conditions. During a session of occupational therapy, patients will learn new ways to function so that they can improve their quality of life. They may be taught how to use assistive devices, new ways to tie their shoes, or how to get dressed.  


    Although multiple sclerosis cannot be cured, patients should not let this condition define them. With the help of Dr. Rai and the rest of our team at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island, your multiple sclerosis can be managed. To learn more about how our multiple sclerosis doctors on Long Island can help, be sure to contact us today!   

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