Physiatrist in Suffolk County

Physiatrist in Suffolk County

The rehabilitation process after undergoing a loss of a limb can be an uphill battle. But with the right professional assistance, the task can be made much less strenuous. If you’re searching for a physiatrist in Suffolk County, look no further than Dr. Paulinder Rai over at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center of Long Island. Dr. Rai, our physiatrist in Suffolk County, specializes in both mobility and function, which he can help restore in any patient through extensive treatment. Those who have suffered limb loss are faced with an arduous ordeal, but Dr. Rai and his team can utilize unique therapeutic techniques to assist you throughout the rehabilitation period.

Limb Loss Rehabilitation

Limb loss can be due to trauma, cancer, reduced blood flow, infection or can be a congenital condition.  Whatever the cause, the loss of a limb is significant, life-changing event. Dr. Rai and his team provide patients with all the information, resources, and support needed to recover and adapt to life after amputation of a limb.  We work with the highest quality prosthetic groups to make sure every patient has the right equipment for their unique needs.  We are experts in training patients to regain independence after limb loss and work directly with physical and occupational therapists who are skilled in amputee care to address training in the proper use of prosthetic equipment to maximize safe walking and mobility.  We identify and address factors which may slow healing after amputation, and through proper management of wound care, phantom limb pain, smoking, diet and lifestyle modifications we expedite recovery and prevent complications. Our goal is to help patients achieve the highest level of independence following limb loss.  Many of our patients successfully return to work, family-life, recreational sports, and driving.  Our team is committed to ensuring full community reintegration for all patients.  

For your consideration, here are some examples of therapeutic treatment used by Dr. Rai and his associates for limb loss rehab:

Mobility and Function

One of the primary aspects of limb loss rehab involves the ability to regain motor skills. Physical exercises under the guidance of a physiatrist are seen as an outstanding method for assisting these functions as you need to relearn motioning. Movement potential can be assessed by your physiatrist in Suffolk County and then properly diagnosed for further treatment.


Using artificial devices to act as substitutes for the loss of a limb has been seen as a highly effective method for aiding the recovery process. Prosthetic rehabilitation can be coordinated by a prosthetist and the therapy involves educating the patient on how to properly use the device for their benefit.

If you require the assistance of a physiatrist in Suffolk County for your limb loss rehabilitation, click here to contact Dr. Paulinder Rai at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center of Long Island for all appointments and inquiries. We are conveniently located in Brightwaters along the south shore of Suffolk County.