Naturally, the causes for a wound to develop are abundant, and determining what form of care is necessary afterward is crucial. Our staff at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island understands this importance, which is why we want to provide our patients with the best quality wound care in the local area. No matter how the wound has transpired, you can trust that Dr. Rai will be able to treat it and help stop further complications from arising.

Where Wounds Can Stem From?

Wounds come in all shapes and sizes. They may be a result of physical injury or various medical conditions. Fortunately, Dr. Rai is an expert in the field of wound care on Long Island. He has experience treating wounds caused by all of the following:

  • Acute injuries.
  • Bedsores.
  • Diabetes.
  • Postsurgical issues.
  • Radiation.
  • Vascular Disease.

Treating A Wound

When looking to treat wounds, different methods are used based on the size and severity of the injury. For example, minor punctures only need to be covered with a bandaid or gauze to keep the area clean while it heals. For more severe wounds, Dr. Rai may need to use stitches or skin glue to close up the injury. The wound may also need to be cleaned with antibiotic ointment to kill off any infections. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the damaged tissue or foreign objects that have become embedded in your skin.  

Potential Complications

At Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island, we will mitigate the risk of long term complications occurring as a result of improper wound care. By seeking out Dr. Rai’s help with wound care on Long Island, he’ll be able to help you avoid the following:

  • Severe soft tissue infections.
  • Lockjaw.
  • Cellulitis. 
  • Gangrene.

When To Seek Out Wound Care On Long Island

When wounds that are not the result of a physical injury begin to form, you need to seek the help of Dr. Rai immediately. He’ll be able to determine the cause of the wound’s formation and formulate the next steps for care. Other signs that indicate you should seek out the help of a professional include:


  • Wounds being more than half an inch deep.
  • Applying direct pressure has done nothing to stop the bleeding. 
  • Bleeding has been persistent for over 20 minutes.


PMRofLI – Expert Wound Care on Long Island

Each patient reacts to wounds and other injuries differently. To compensate for this, Dr. Rai and the rest of the team at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island offer individualized care for all of our patients. If you’ve recently experienced a wound, or want to learn more about the importance of proper wound care on Long Island, contact us today!