Whether it’s a sports injury, a wound from falling to the ground, or an illness, pain is often the first sign that something is wrong within our bodies. These types of pains usually go away in time, but can be a roadblock for our short-term goals. But what if our pain is a chronic and ongoing experience that acts as a hindrance to our everyday activities? Pain is difficult to measure, and because we’re social creatures, it can be hard to go through it alone. If you’re experiencing pain, whether mild or chronic, whether from an injury or from no known cause at all, it’s important to visit with a pain management doctor in Suffolk County.

A specialist in pain management can help you learn how to cope with your pain, no matter how big or small, and lead you back to living your daily life. This kind of specialist has extensive medical training in recognizing and treating pains in all parts of the body for any reason. If you’re experiencing back pain, nerve pain, limb pain, chronic headaches, arthritis, or other conditions, pain management can offer relief.

What Can A Pain Management Doctor In Suffolk County do?

A pain management doctor is trained to understand the physiology, diagnostic procedures, and treatment plans for pain. New medications, technologies, and procedures are constantly coming out in the medical world, so a specialist doctor is imperative if you want to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality care.

Depending on the cause, severity, and location of your pain, a pain management specialist can offer a variety of treatment plans for your specific condition.

Treatments that our pain management doctor in Suffolk County can provide include:

  • The prescribing of quality tested medications to manage your pain
  • The usage of tried-and-true technologies, as well as the newest technologies to treat pain
  • The administration of injections to quell pain
  • The coordination of physical therapy and rehabilitation to get back out into the world despite your condition

Your First Visit To A Pain Management Doctor In Suffolk County

During your first visit, your specialist will evaluate your pain by asking you a series of questions and by looking over any diagnostic testing you have had done regarding your pain. If you haven’t had any tests done, your physician may recommend that you receive testing, such as MRI’s, CAT Scans, or X-rays in order to determine if you have any underlying conditions that are causing your pain. Your physician will then analyze the results from your testing and question responses to come up with an appropriate treatment plan for your specific condition.

If you’re experiencing pain, consider visiting our Pain Management Doctor in Suffolk County. Our experienced and talented team will thoroughly work with you and come up with customized treatments to help you with your pain. Please contact Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island to schedule an appointment with our pain management specialist today!