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    Rehabilitation Following A Stroke

    Rehabilitation Following A Stroke

    When you or a loved one suffers a stroke, it can be a scary situation for all those involved. The road to recovery can be a long one, but you’ll be in good hands with Dr. Paulinder Rai and his team. One of our specialists at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island will aid you throughout your stroke rehab in Suffolk County. Make sure you contact us today to learn more about how he can help you.

    When To Start Stroke Rehab In Suffolk County 

    In some cases, stroke rehabilitation will begin 24 to 48 hours after a stroke has occurred. It is important to remember, the sooner you begin the rehabilitation process, the more likely you are to regain any lost skills and abilities. The length of your rehabilitation will ultimately depend on the severity of your stroke. Some patients will begin to recover right away, while others need months or even years to make significant progress. No matter the length of your recovery, you can trust Dr. Rai will be there every step of the way. 

    Potential Training and Exercises:

    Depending on the effects of the stroke on your body and abilities, different methods of stroke rehab in Suffolk County will be administered by Dr. Rai. The process will most likely be broken out into physical activities and technology-assisted physical activities.  The goal is to restore your life functions to the levels they were at before the stroke occurred. The following are a few examples of what forms of rehabilitation Dr. Rai may consider:

    1. Physical Activities
      • Mobility Training: This training can be utilized to help re-teach you how to move around safely. You may be taught to use walkers, canes, or even wheelchairs.
      • Motor Skills Exercises: After suffering a stroke, your motor skills may have significantly diminished. Dr. Rai will teach you exercises to help regain your strength and coordination.
      • Range-of-Motion Therapy: Strokes can hinder our patient’s range-of-motion, but Dr. Rai can help you perform a series of stretches and exercises to help combat this issue.
    1. Technology-Assisted Physical Activities
      • Functional Electronic Stimulation: To help prepare your weakened muscles for the rigors of movement, electronic stimulation can be administered. This can help aid your muscles through the process of contraction.
      • Activity Using Robotic Technology: Robotic technology can be utilized to help impaired limbs regain their motion and abilities.
      • Activity Using Wireless Monitoring: During your rehabilitation, Dr. Rai may use an activity tracker to monitor your progress. With this monitor, he will be able to see improvements in real-time and determine when your rehab workload can be increased.

    Dr. Rai – Stroke Rehab in Suffolk County:

    In the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Rai is an expert. After graduating from New York University and The New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, he has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal to help you with your stroke rehab in Suffolk County.  His goal is to restore every patient’s quality of life, so if you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, make Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island your first call.   

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