Are you looking to get rid of your pain, increase your quality of life, and do it all without the use of medication? 

Are you experiencing pain and not sure why?

Do you want to standstill your bad habits?

If you answered yes to the above questions, a pain management doctor on Long Island at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island can lead you in the right direction. Whether it is damaged diet choices, poor sleep habits, or bad footwear, your pain may be caused by things that have never crossed your mind. Our pain management doctors have the expertise to pinpoint the causes of your pain and plan out natural lifestyle changes that enforce lasting results. 

Consequences of Certain Lifestyle Choices

Diet – The food that you consume has an assortment of nutrients that are digested into your body. The diet you choose either enhances your immune system or hurts your immune system. A sugar-heavy diet hampers the effectiveness of your immune system. Your immune system helps fight inflammation and other bacterias that cause pain. Without a healthy diet, your pain will not subside. 

Sleep – When you are sleeping your body is rejuvenating and recovering from your day to day activities and actions. If you are short on sleep, your body is deprived of its time to heal specific pains. 

Footwear – Shoes that are too small or too big initiate pain. The bonuses of the perfect size shoe are that it helps all of your muscles and bones function properly. If your shoes are too big, you will tense up certain joints, tendons, and muscles and it will cause unnecessary pain. Also, improper shoe choices will increase your chance of injury.

Smoking – Smokers are less likely to exercise, increasing the likelihood of experiencing pain and discomfort.

Natural Pain Management Methods

Whenever we are in pain, our doctors quickly turn to medication for relief. Three other (and potentially more effective) ways to terminate your pain and tackle your relief are exercising, building relationships, and massage therapy.

Exercise – Your body is designed for movement. If you are not engaging in much movement because of the pain you are feeling, your pain will only worsen. Depending on your unique situation, our pain management doctors in Long Island can locate certain exercises to keep your pain to a minimum. It is imperative to understand that pain management is a process and that full commitment/trust of the journey will increase the likelihood of your pain subsiding.

Building Relationships – If you can talk to people who may be dealing with the same pain, you will be more likely to reach your goal of pain relief. Talking with people can reassure you that you are not alone and will allow you to trust the work you are putting in and be all in with your recovery. Also, ideas will be bounced off one another and new ways to subside your pain can be implemented. 

Massage Therapy – Getting a massage helps to relieve both stress and pain. When you get a massage, muscles are loosened and painful spasms are calmed. A massage also has positive mental outcomes that motivate the body to be at ease. The relaxation state that a massage puts you in will allow your body to heal and refresh. 

PMRofLI – A Quality Pain Management Doctor on Long Island

Our pain management doctor on Long Island at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island can help to reverse your lifestyle choices and promote pain relief. Our nutritional counseling program will steer you in a direction where your body is getting the correct amount of nutrients. This will encourage the body to function correctly, strengthen the immune system, and hopefully get rid of your discomfort. Our doctors have years of knowledge of the way sleep habits cause pain. We know that a strict sleep schedule can help the body recover and reduce pain and we can help implement a sleep routine that stimulates positive change in your life. With gait analysis, the study of how one walks, we will be able to see how your shoes and walking habits may be linked to the pain you are experiencing. We also understand that smoking is an addictive lifestyle habit and we will support you in ceasing this habit. We will encourage you to stop, support your success, and help solidify your mind, body, and soul by halting your smoking habits. 

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