Phantom limb pain, or PLP, is the painful feeling coming from a limb that isn’t there anymore. Though the limb is gone permanently, the pain still remains in full. Usually occurring after a surgery, the pain varies from a burning sensation to an itch or a specific pressure. While it may sound like an odd phenomenon, it’s believed almost 80 percent of the amputee population experiences this pain. If you’re experiencing this kind of pain, going to limb loss rehab in Suffolk County can be the solution to reducing your discomfort.

This pain that you experience comes from mixed signals between the brain and the spinal cord. As a result, pain management is a very complex task when dealing with PLP. Luckily, proper treatment like limb loss rehab in Suffolk County by a trained professional can treat pain through:

  • Local injection therapy – this treatment is the process where a physician injects a local pain-deterrent to the area of the amputation. This helps ease painful signals sent by the nerve endings to the brain.
  • Mirror box therapy – this therapy involves the patient looking in a mirror while receiving treatment to let the brain register that the limb is no longer.
  • Non-opiate analgesic – these are pain medications that will limit and slow down how the nerve signals from the amputated site will send messages to the brain.
  • Nerve cuff stimulation – placing nerve stimulators on nerves of the amputation, this device sends pleasant signals to the brain, instead of totally blocking out all signals to the brain.

Limb Loss Rehab in Suffolk County

The pain of PLP is something that limb loss rehab in Suffolk County can help manage. Through various treatments, the discomfort you’re experiencing is something that the physicians at Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of Long Island can handle.

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