If you’re searching for limb loss rehab in Suffolk County, you need to consider LI Rehab’s gait training analysis program. Gait analysis has the uncanny ability to properly diagnose an individual’s walking/locomotion skills. If you’re a patient who has experienced limb loss, the program may be highly beneficial for you. This is due in large part to the analysis’ assessment of energy efficiency that your body is dissipating. Abnormalities such as limb loss can, unfortunately, be strenuous on the body when attempting to move/walk with them. But with gait training analysis, a realistic solution for pain relief is an astute possibility.

When taking gait training into consideration, it’s imperative that you and your physician understand the three primary goals at hand: improving quality of life, avoiding future complications, and assisting the patient in walking “normally.” In order to ensure the right method of training, a musculoskeletal analysis will potentially provide an accurate evaluation. This can allow your caregiver to better understand what specific techniques need to be administered for your development. Then upon reviewing the analysis and creating a specific plan of attack, you can get to work on your limb loss rehab in Suffolk County at Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of Long Island.

For most amputees who have lost part of their lower extremities, a prosthetic device is a typical solution for the sudden complication. However, some individuals may struggle with learning how to properly utilize the prosthetic for their betterment. If you’re in this situation, then incorporating your prosthetic with gait training may be the combination you’ve been seeking. Your caregiver can use their assessment to provide improvements in movement and walking. This can include techniques such as the following:

  • Prosthetic alignment – Finding the right positioning of a device can better improve posture and optimize the gait pattern.
  • Safety training – Patients who are new to prosthetics may learn that finding balance is a rather arduous endeavor. Fortunately, gait training can improve coordination, which will help avoid slipping and falling.
  • Tune-up training – Even individuals who are prosthetic veterans may find that occasional visits can be a great way of maintaining stability and improving gait-related techniques.   

Limb Loss Rehab in Suffolk County

In the event that you’re dealing with an amputated extremity, limb loss rehab in Suffolk County at LI Rehab can be your alleviation. Their gait analysis program may be able to improve your motor skills and your overall quality of life. Contact our offices today for an appointment and consultation.