With the help of our physiatrist in Suffolk County, Dr. Rai, you will not have to live in constant fear of how significantly your chronic pain will affect your ability to succeed on a day-to-day basis. Physiatrists, also sometimes referred to as pain management doctors are those who specialize in diagnosing the root cause of a patient’s chronic pain in order to help teach them how to manage their pain so that they can live as comfortable a life as possible.

How A Pаin Mаnаgеmеnt Doctor Will Diagnose Your Pain

At Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island, we believe that the treatment process begins with us taking the time to get a thorough understanding of your individual symptoms. That is why, when you first visit our facility in search of a physiatrist in Suffolk County, we will ask you a lot of questions that will allow us to compile the most up-to-date medical history we possibly can. As soon as we have an accurate medical history, we may perform a series of diagnostic tests that would serve as the foundation in which we construct your treatment plan. What follows is a brief list of the on-site diagnostic tests that we perform on a regular basis:

    • Electromyography (EMG) – A process by which we assess the health of a given muscle by lightly electrifying the cells within it, and analyzing the resulting activity.
    • Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) – Similar to an EMG, NCS is used to assess the health of your motor and sensory nerves by way of a mild electrical current, allowing us to get a complete understanding of the depth of the damage that could be causing your chronic pain.
    • Gait Analysis – An assessment of how your musculoskeletal moves as you walk or run, which allows us to determine if your abnormal gate could be causing your pain.

Creating a Treatment Plan for Your Chronic Pain

Following the completion of any and all diagnostic tests, we will use the results to construct the most appropriate treatment plan for you. We offer a wide variety of treatment options that are specifically designed to help manage your chronic pain, such as:

Get In Touch With Our Physiatrist in Suffolk County

We at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island are committed to empowering our patients through health education and top-quality medical care. There is no reason to constantly be worried about how to live with chronic pain. Contact us today to get connected with our physiatrist in Suffolk County who will get you the help you deserve.