Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island offers gold-standard consultation services at nursing facilities.   For example, we can help boost communication as well as efficacy among the staff. Our providers are wound care certified, and this knowledge of wound care and prevention enables our providers to treat wounds effectively and lower the incidence of wounds in the facility.  We will also help to raise the level of patient satisfaction with an emphasis on patient-centered treatment. Decreasing readmission to the hospital is one of our primary ambitions.

Staying engaged is a top priority

Our engagement in the nursing facility will help to improve communication between the patients and their families as well as with nurses, therapists, and medical staff. We will seek to improve the overall experience for the patients by helping them to reach their primary outcomes in an effective, organized manner.  By maximizing the participation of patients to achieve their optimum health, we will help to create the most positive and effective service for the patient along with the physicians at the nursing facility.

Beneficial to all

Our presence benefits both the nursing facility as well as their patients.  We connect with referring hospitals and patient providers to describe all the services we implement in the nursing facilities. We thus promote the facility’s rehabilitation programs to potential patients.

With the collaboration between our providers and facilities, we can more effectively determine whether a patient is ready to be discharged.  Overall, our knowledge of the rehabilitation process will have an added benefit not only on the patient but also for the nursing facility.