Small cuts and scrapes happen all the time. They’re usually just tiny flesh wounds. With proper treatment at home, you won’t need to see a doctor. Wounds can occur for many other reasons, like diabetes and radiation, which do require medical attention. They need to be properly assessed by a professional who can determine the necessary next steps, if any. We offer wound care in West Islip at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island. We can treat those wounds and many others. Whether you have a wound that can be treated at home or one treated by a medical expert, many people ask the same question: should I keep my wound covered or uncovered? Continue to read below to find out.

Covered or UncoveredWound Care in West Islip

Many people believe that small wounds need air to breathe and heal properly. It’s considered to be a fact in most places. The truth is that you should keep your wound covered for proper wound care in West Islip. Wounds need moisture to fix themselves quickly. Exposing your wound to air will dry it out and expose it to all the dirt and disease around it. It’s especially true for larger wounds, which are more susceptible to infection. The best way to ensure fast, proper healing is by applying and reapplying bandages and ointment to allow the wound access to moisture. For wounds that were medically treated or caused by surgery, listen to your doctor’s advice for proper care. Depending on the type and size of the wound, the time to reapply your bandage may differ from other wounds. In that case, contact your doctor with any questions. All of our experts in wound care in West Islip agree that this is the best method of healing. If you have questions about proper wound care or need treatment, contact us to be seen by one of our doctors.

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