Drop foot is a condition that involves an inability to lift or move the front of your foot. An indicator of drop foot is dragging your feet while walking. You may also find yourself lifting your knee to avoid dragging when trying to bring your foot up to normal height. This condition can be permanent or temporary depending on the severity and can occur in one or both feet. If you suffer from drop foot and need to seek stroke rehabilitation on Long Island, contact our team today at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island.

What is Drop Foot?

Following a stroke, drop foot can be common. It is an apathy in your foot that limits your ability to raise the front of it. If you suffer from drop foot, it may become dangerous when walking as the chances of a fall increase. The support of a brace is necessary when walking to avoid these kinds of events from occurring. During a stroke, nerve damage takes place in different parts of the body, which can result in drop foot. The muscles that are not damaged yet become weak due to atrophy after a stroke. With the help of our stroke rehabilitation on Long Island, partial or complete recovery is possible.

Is There a Treatment for Drop Foot?

Treatment of drop foot will depend on the severity of the condition following a stroke:

Physical Therapy:

It is up to the patient to remain physically active through a long-term period to regain strength in the affected muscle groups. The connections between the muscles and brain are strengthened through active movement and exercise.

Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO):

  • The assistance of a plastic brace, or an AFO, can help and be very helpful in allowing the patient to get around without significant trouble. The AFO can support the ankle and foot to reduce the risk of falling or tripping.

Electrical Stimulation:

  • With a process called neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), the muscles of your leg are properly stimulated from the process. This promotes muscle contraction through nerve firing. Over time, this allows your muscles to regain the strength that was lost, ultimately allowing you to hopefully regain full mobility of the foot.

Stroke Rehabilitation on Long Island

Drop foot can be a severe detriment in the lives of our patients, and so, we want to do all that we can to help you recover. If you have suffered from drop foot following a stroke, it is essential to get the right guidance to receive the necessary treatment for recovery. If you seek stroke rehabilitation on Long Island, our team at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Long Island is here to help. Contact us today if you are interested in the services we offer.